How It Works?

Masternode Setup in 3 Steps

1. Order Masternode

Select the coin and make the payment. No technical knowledge needed.

2. Provide Details

Provide us your masternode private key (genkey), no collateral access needed.

3. Receive Details

We deploy your masternode within 24 hours and full details are sent at your email.

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Masternode Features

You Keep Collateral

The Wave Layer masternode doesn't hold or have access to any collateral amount.

Dedicated Support

We will setup the masternode and in the event of a node error, we will fix it.

Custom Coins

You need masternode for specific coin? Select Custom Coin option during order.

Host Any Masternodes

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Beetle Coin











For the coin which is not listed, select custom coin option during order and write the coin name at additional comments.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Wave Layer masternode enabe you to setup masternodes without any technical knowledge while your coins stay in your local wallet (computer).
Once you make the order, our masternode experts will install masternode wallet on server and we will provide you the full details and you will receive the rewards at your wallet.
Yes, the server where masternode is installed will run 24/7.
Cold masternode setup comes with two masternode wallets, one wallet is installed at Wave Layer server while other is installed at your computer. The masternode wallet at your computer keep the collateral and it will act as remote control to first masternode wallet.
As we manually setup the masternode, you can request any masternode coin, just name the coin and its website we will do the job. For custom coin just make the order and select custom coin option and put your coin details at comment section.
We are hosting provider, we make sure the server is up and we solve any software error related to masternode wallet. Regarding ROI its not our responsibility, you can calculate yourself using thirdparty websites like
Once your order has been paid, your masternode server will be setup and wallet will be installed at the server by our experts. The whole process will take 24 hours.
No, the collateral is kept at your personal wallet and we do not have any access to such coins.